Tiskové středisko - Atrium

This modern space for journalists, used mostly during plenary sessions of the Chamber of Deputies, was created by installation of a roof over the inner courtyard of the Thun Palace in 2009. A total of 5 large television screens show anything that happens in the Assembly Hall; along with WiFi access to the Internet, comfortable seats, desks for editors and background support for the technical staff of TV crews, including a refreshment shop, they create a modern press centre.

A streaming system available in the press atrium allows to connect to the TV signal from the camera system in the Assembly Hall of the Chamber of Deputies, where 6 fully professional digital cameras are permanently installed. The footage from these cameras provides the best possible view of the chairing person, the speaker, all officers, including the government, and as many parliamentary benches as possible, so that their changes create a simple, integrated, yet varied broadcast from the sitting of the Chamber of Deputies. By easily connecting a laptop and using a simple-to-use software, available directly from the workers of the Audiovisual Section of the Press Department, it is possible to save the signal from each camera at any of the 30 distribution and connection points, located on the desks in the press atrium, and use it to prepare news coverage.

The Chamber of Deputies has thus created a level playing field for all domestic television companies, which now have the same access to television footage from the Chamber of Deputies.

With its appeal, the press atrium has taken little time to become popular also as a venue for press conferences organized not only by Deputies and political groups, but also by members of the government and all political parties in the Chamber of Deputies.

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