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The original Parliamentary Library was founded in 1858 under the Austrian monarchy. The Library was created for the National Administrative Committee for the Czech lands but it also served representatives from the Congress of the Czech Crown Lands.

After the Czechoslovak Republic achieved independence in 1918, this library with its 13,000 volumes became the Library of the National Assembly.
After the separation of the National Assembly into a Senate and Chamber of Deputies in 1920, the Library moved from the Lesser Town to the building of the Parliament in Rudolphinum, where it resided until the end of the First Czechoslovak Republic.
The library acquired literature through purchace, donation, exchange and since 1935 also legal deposit and quite quickly grew from the original 13,000 in 1919 through more than 86,000 in 1931 to 123,000 volumes in 1939.
After the liberation of Czechoslovakia, the directorate of the library began already in May 1945 to strive for its move back to Prague and its return as a whole (already counting 135,000 volumes, which were moved in 1944 to Zlatá koruna Monastery near Český Krumlov so that they would be protected from the air attacks) to its original function.
After 1948, the importance of the Library of the National Assembly decreased proportionately to the degradation of the significance of the parliament during the Communist regime.


     Library of the National Assembly (study room) - Rudolfinum (1925)                     Study and reading room of journals - Sněmovní street (1919)


From the creation of the Czechoslovak Federation in 1968 until its division in 1992, it was the Federal Assembly Library.
When an independent Czech Republic was established in 1993, it became the Parliamentary Library of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

The core of the library collections of the Parliamentary library is a complete collection of acts since the second half of the 19th century, but mainly the originals of stenographic records of the sessions of the Imperial Diet and land diets of the Habsburg Monarchy, comprising:

The Imperial Council House of Representatives 1861–1917
House of Lords 1861–1918
Hungarian Diet House of Representatives 1865–1915
House of Lords 1865–1915
Land Diets Bosnia and Herzegovina 1910
Bukovina 1863–1909
Dalmatia 1864–1912
Galicia 1863–1913
Carantania 1863–1914
Krajina (Ljubljana) 1863–1910
Primorje (Gorica) 1863–1912
Moravia 1861–1914
Lower Austria 1863–1913
Upper Austria 1863–1914
Land Salzburg 1863–1913
&Styria 1863–1914
Trieste 1864–1902
Tyrol 1863–1914
Vorarlberg 1878–1913
Bohemian Land Diet   1526–1611 (reprint)

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