Department of General Analyses

General Analyses Department of the Parliamentary Institute deals with tasks based upon the requests of MPs or  authorities of the Parliament. These services are provided mainly in the fields of:

  • constitutional law
  • parliamentary issues
  • public law
  • economics
  • social policy
  • foreign relations
  • Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU

The staff of the Parliamentary institute resolves within a frame of a relevant field of specialty so called “main tasks” which the Chamber of Deputies has to deal in long run or those that are dealt with repeatedly. Among other tasks to mention are electoral systems, presidential electoral system, referendum and its role within the system of representative democracy. It deals also on the regular basis with economic topics such as Economic and Monetary Union, Stability and Growth Pact and fulfilling of Lisbon Strategy aims. The department is also dealing with theoretical issues of parliamentary development and changing role of national parliaments within the European Union.
The department staff is cooperating closely with its counterparts abroad just as with other relevant in-state and foreign academic entities, universities and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, moreover staff members do publish in professional journals. 

Department for general analysis of the Parliamentary Institute deals with various types of tasks. Responds and briefs on requests of Deputies and Senators represent an operative introductory into the nature of the actual scope of an issue. Such materials usually don’t require reference of resources based upon which these were elaborated.  More detailed form of respond to a query represent background information materials. Special form of materials undertaken represent a comparative analysis providing an overview regarding the means of solution or regulation of a particular field in various countries. The actual comparison is, in the most of cases, focused on EU member states. Comparative analyses are usually being used in order to describe valid law, legal methods or rules of countries relevant to a query in question. Last group of tasks composes general analyses that are based upon expert paper of particular subject matter. The staff provides also personal consultations to Deputies and Senators.

Additionally there is a special type of materials being published regularly called Outline of documents of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (published semi-monthly, monthly) that is being elaborated for the Committee for European Affairs and the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies alternatively for other interested parties. The Outlines are frequently connected with background information materials that are dealing with the topic on the more detailed basis in fields such as Common Foreign and Security Policy since these committees expressed their willingness to handle that agenda in long run.
The Department of General Analysis publishes its set of so called Chosen topics. This set of materials deals predominantly with issues that are expected to be on the agenda of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. The main aim is to provide the MPs with the information before the topic in question is being debated in the Chamber or in the Senate.

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