Constitutional Laws
Constitution, No. 1/1993 Coll., as amended
Charter of fundamental rights and basic freedoms, No. 2/1993 Coll., as amended
Constitutional Law on Security of the Czech Republic, No. 110/1998 Coll., as amended
Constitutional Act on Measures Related to the Dissolution of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic, No. 4/1993 Coll.
Related to the Chamber of Deputies and the Parliament
Rules of Procedure, No. 90/1995 Coll., as amended
Resolutions of the Chamber of Deputies remaining effective during the fifth electoral term
Act of Law on Elections to the Parliament of the Czech Republic, No. 247/1995 Coll., as amendend
Act of Law on Association in Political Parties and Political Movements, No. 424/1991 Coll., as amended
Important Acts of Law
Constitutional Act of Law on the referendum on accession to EU, No. 515/2002 Coll.
Act of Law on Election to the European Parliament, No. 62/2003 Coll.
Act on the Constitutional Court, No. 182/1993 Coll.
Act of Law on Conflict of Interests, No. 159/2006 Coll.

Elections to the Parliament

The Constitution of the Czech Republic states that the deputies to the Chamber of Deputies are elected on the basis of an universal, equal and direct franchise by secret ballot, according to the principles of a proportional representation, the Senate is permanently active, the term of election is six years and every two years one third of the senators is elected.

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Elections results:

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